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q. how did you get started in photography?

cait had always been interested in photography.  she received her first dslr after graduating college and began blogging about newlywed life.  the blog focused on food and so cait found herself spending hours a day photographing food.  weird, we know.  she often asked jeff to help figure out her camera or the best lighting to capture the best picture.  within a few months we upgraded our camera and started taking pictures more regularly, and not just of food this time.  we spent several months practicing on friends and family until we felt confident enough to start our own photography business.

q. so you both take pictures? what role do you each play in your business?

yes.  we have two cameras and both take pictures at every shoot.  however, we have learned that both of us cannot be in charge.  not only does this confuse us, but also our clients.  cait often sees/sets up the shots while Jeff takes the pictures.   because we are a couple, we use each other to show our clients specific poses which helps!

q. how would you describe your approach?

we love colorful, crisp pictures.  basically, we think pictures should look like the actual day looks.  we would never desaturate the color of a picture.  we also believe in telling one’s story through photographs.  we hope that when you look back at your pictures, the emotion you were feeling at the time is remembered.

q. do you shoot destination weddings?

YES! we have shot 2 destination weddings and have had so much fun with them. we are very open to traveling to new locations for weddings so email us for our destination packages!

q. what equipment do you use?

we use canon gear.   our camera bodies are two canon 5d mark iis and one canon 5d.  as for lenses, we shoot with a canon 35mm f/1.4, sigma 85mm f/1.4, sigma 50mm f/1.4, canon 24-70mm f/2.8, canon 70-200mm f/2.8 and a canon 135mm f/2.0.  we aslo have 2 canon speedlite 580ex ii and 2 canon speedlite 430ex ii flash units for off camera flashes.

q. what do you enjoy most about this job?

we absolutely love working together.  we love capturing memories for people.  we want our clients to feel natural in their session so that their pictures look natural.  we try our best to ease our clients and have fun so that our session simply feels like we are “hanging out” rather than trying to “get” certain poses.

q. when you aren’t taking pictures, what are you doing?

we have a little boy named lincoln who was born february 15, 2013. is a true joy and makes us laugh each day. we also have a westie named ollie, and are pretty much obsessed with him. we enjoy being outdoors and trained and ran the philadelphia marathon together last fall.  we love hanging out with our nieces and nephews. but, no matter what we are doing- you can pretty much always guarantee that a camera will be in hand!  visit our “meet us” page to learn even more about us.

q. why the bike?

it’s not just any bike in our logo-it’s a tandem bike. cait and her roommates bought a tandem bike in college, which quickly became a campus favorite.  couples always approached them asking to borrow their bike for dates.  we (jeff and cait) decided to ride that same yellow tandem bike on our wedding day.  our favorite wedding picture of us is captured on that bike-a bicycle built for two!

q. What are your biggest pet peeves?

jeff hates bad drivers.

cait hates the sound of chewing.

q.  what is the best way to contact or book jensen photography for a wedding/session?

visit our contact page or e-mail us directly at  we would love to hear from you!

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